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S P A C E   D E C L U T T E R I N G  
&   A L L - A R O U N D   N I C E T I E S

"HOLY CRAP!!! - just the one hour you spent with us was SO informative and SO transformational...we are already looking at things differently and having new kinds of conversations.  We have a new commitment to our space moving forward.  It's wonderful."  

- AJ Meijer

"Fay has a wonderfully calming presence that can soothe even the most chaotic of cabinets, homes, and hearts." 

Ashley Williams

"Fay Wolf approaches her work as an organizer the way she approaches her life --as a spiritual warrior and an artist. She is thorough, perceptive and kind.  She will help you address the areas in your physical space that need clearing so that your soul's light can shine.  She knows what she's talking about.  Hire her now.

Brooke Berman

"My garage was the place where I stuck anything and everything. The idea of even attempting to organize it was so daunting that I just accepted the chaos and clutter as permanent.  After one day, Fay turned my garage into an organized, functional, practical, attractive space. I was blown away. She will change the way you interact with your space. I still use the tools she showed me.  Plus, working with Fay is exceedingly enjoyable. Thank you Fay! 

- Clea DuVall

"Fay took 17 years of good intentions and past lives and transformed it all into a cleaner, simpler PRESENT TENSE.  She organizes home and mind simultaneously, and sends you off with a plan for the future.  I am a fan." 

David Newsom 

"I used to think that my constant state of disorder was a part of the creative process. Then Fay walked in.  She taught me that you can be so much more creative when your space is not in disarray. Fay and New Order seriously changed my life. Thank you!" 

Emily Deschanel

"Fay is a game-changing thought leader of our time. Her message isn't about pretty containers, it's about choosing to be free."

Emily Greener

"What is so impressive about Fay is that she really cares about her clients and works hard to figure out ways to do what is best and most effective for them. She has been a true stress reducer for me. While she worked with me, she showed me useful skills to help keep things organized based on accessibility of commonly used items.  She taught me how to take small steps towards improvement as to not get overwhelmed. Fay is a true professional... smart, respectful, energetic, and on her game. It is easy to see how much she loves her work; she gets as excited as me to see the fruits of her labor. She is the bees knees. Assuming that bees even have knees." 

Jackie Oster Rodman

"I don’t think most people understand the freedom that can come with a lack of clutter. So much stuff comes into our lives and homes that can be overwhelming unless some sort of system is in place to deal with these things. Fay has been a great ally in helping me get my shit together. Just starting the task of simplifying your life can be totally overwhelming, it’s good to have someone hold your hand through those daunting initial steps. The countless hours with numerous clients she has logged has made her an expert in her field.”

James Valentine

"The "task" of clearing clutter can be as painful as looking inward at all of your flaws.  Stuff has a way of reminding you of all the mistakes you've made.  Clearing it is never something to do alone. The beauty of the kind and intelligent Fay Wolf is she finds a way to stop you from using stuff as a bat with which to hit yourself. Instead, she shows you how to let what isn't useful go -- to either a new home or a final resting place. Phew..." 

- Janet Tamaro

"You are SO VERY GOOD at what you can do for people, and in my very brief but in-depth perusal of similar videos/advice, I have to say you have this unique combination of heart and practicality that is so very refreshing. I know, for example, I need to get rid of the sentimental crap that has piled up in my house - but hearing you telling me with your good humor and seriousness to accept the love that came with it and let the stuff go? It’s a revelation." 

- Jeni Rinner

"It can be an emotional experience to declutter and organize. I find I hold on to things that I no longer need... thinking that if I let go of them I will also let go of part of who I am.  Sometimes it takes an outside eye to help with that process and really determine what is worth holding on tight to. Fay is the perfect person to assist in that process. She is compassionate and understanding. She is also an incredibly calm presence...even when she is in the middle of my chaos. In fact, that's when she is MOST calm. She's some kind of superhero." 

Jesse Tyler Ferguson

"God, Country, Corps, Family...Wolf."

Jonathan Tucker

"My life can essentially be divided into two periods: Pre-Fay and Post-Fay.  Before New Order intervened, my apartment was a lawless wasteland ruled by random receipts, unpaid parking tickets, and back issues of The New Yorker.  I was terrified.  Fay came in here like a bad ass Wild West sheriff brandishing a label maker in place of a gun.  Now if I need a sharpie or a highlighter, I actually know where to find it (Why, the sharpie/highlighter bin, of course!)  Lately, I think I just keep finding things for Fay to organize ‘cause I like hanging out with her.  She’s not only uber-organized, she’s the COOLEST!" 

Josh Radnor

"Organizing and de-cluttering can be an oddly emotional experience.  I struggle with letting go of objects and the whirlwind pace of my busy life sometimes leaves my apartment in shambles before I even realize how bad I have let it get.  Fay's no-nonsense, yet nurturing approach was just what I needed.  She's an organizing genius, but still realistic, so I did not feel like I had to pretend I was something I am not.  As a result, I was able to be open and honest about my clutter catastrophes.  Fay was able to give me so many practical (and pretty!!!) solutions.  Fay is the perfect balance of inspiration, practical knowledge, therapy and beautiful design.  This multi-faceted support enabled me to transform my space, myself, and start a journey that I am excited to continue.  Thank you, Fay!" 

Kimberly Simpson

"Fay Wolf (first of all...her name is FAY WOLF. Her real name!! How cool is that?! I digress.) Fay Wolf will take all your stuff that stresses you out and organize it in a way that will makes you LOVE it. And she will teach YOU to look at your overwhelming clutter as an opportunity for creativity and balance. And her name is FAY WOLF. Enough said." 

Laura Benanti

"Fay helped me when I was leasing out my four bedroom house in West Hollywood and moving to New York to live in a small studio apartment for a year.  She made a Herculean task effortless, organized and actually feel cleansing and healing.  From storage, to getting rid of a lot of stuff to recycling, to setting up moving trucks- she was there holding my hand every step of the way.  If it hadn't been for her during this really crazy time, it would have been a very manic and painful process.  She made it a calm journey we took together.

Linda Park

"My life -- the life of a full-time working mother of two, urban homesteader, owner of two cats AND two chickens -- feels like an endless stream of chaos and clutter. What I love about Fay is her no judgment, no finger wagging policy. She gets that modern life is complicated and that our relationship to “our stuff” even more complicated. She helps you let go and embrace change at your own pace. Gently nudging you out of the nest until one day you’re flying on your own. Dumping mail the minute it comes into the house and clearing out your own clutter." 

- Liz Benjamin

"You have changed my life. You have made the impossible possible. Thank you endlessly for clearing the clutter in my home, and in my mind. I'm eternally grateful." 

Liz Feldman

"Fay is a rock star in every sense of the word!  Words cannot describe how grateful I am to her for her services as an organizer.  She patiently, creatively and lovingly helped me declutter and organize my life without judgement.  She set up systems that I could follow and maintain.  I am so so grateful for her help and expertise.  There is no one else out there like her.  I am waiting for the day I can afford to fly her to NY and utilize her services here!  Having Fay organize your life is the best investment one could ever make!  Hire her, she is amazing!" 

Marianne Ferrari 

"Not only am I feeling lighter...I slept 7 1/2 hours straight and I NEVER do that!! You are amazing!  Thank you for your hard work and your love and caring." 

Maxine Ryan   

"Disorganization is a modern illness, many people have tried to bring real healing, but few have succeeded. Fay Wolf is a rare talent. Part therapist, part creative thinker and part best friend, she's the right messenger to heal a whole new generation's organizational woes."

- Maxwell Ryan

"Fay Wolf rocks my socks.  Literally.  Sure, she organizes drawers, closets, cabinets, garages, file cabinets, and all kinds of dark places we all avoid.  But not only does she organize my junk kingdom, she also organizes my mind.  She taught me HOW to organize.  Recently, while liquidating my parents' home of 50 years, I kept thinking "WWFD?"  And I got that shit DONE!  Thank you Fay, for coming into my life and making sense of it." 

Michael Medico

"Fay Wolf and New Order not only put my stuff where I could find it, but taught me how to keep things there.  My whole life things have landed wherever I leave them, but now I know exactly where to put them!  I once found my TV remote in the freezer.  No kidding.  But, now that my entire apartment is Wolfganized, I can easily take and return everything I need without any hassle or stress.  It's not just about the stuff, it's about the mental clarity, and thanks to Fay, I've got it." 

Michael Urie

"Me asking Fay for help was like my dad seeing a shrink; wasn’t gonna happen.  I’m OCD and super-particular already.  I knew she was good, but I wanted to solve my OWN problems.  Thing is, you can’t easily solve the problems that you yourself are constantly causing without knowing it.  After Fay completely sorted out my wife’s half of the garage/office––leaving it not only organized, but in a way that specifically addressed my wife’s habits––she spent an hour on my half with me.  YES!  Can’t believe it took me so long!  I only have myself to blame; my dad has ‘Nam." 

- Mitch Baker

"Fellow tchotchke-whores rejoice! Besides having the best name in town [any town, ever] Fay of the Wolves will tear into your clutter— oh, but gently,— and help you organize the heck out of your life. Not in a pristine, antiseptic, scary way that you’ll never be able to reproduce or keep up. In a way that humans like you [me?] can understand. You’ll be left whispering that freakin’ great name like a mantra of utter decluttered coolness as you stare into your gorgeous new hall closet or something. Vote Fay for Class President." 

- Molly Ephraim

"Well shit.  Where do I begin.  Fay is a presence you want in your home.  She's one of those people on Earth that make your life better.  Do not think twice about being lucky enough to have her in your life.  Hire her.  Trust her.  Celebrate her.  Fay came into my home and righted decades of old wrongs.  She trimmed miles of fat and empowered me to take advantage of my space in the best possible way.  She was kind, she was gentle, she was smarter than I was. She's coming back to fix more rooms, and in turn, fix me.  Thank you Fay Wolf." 

Nate Corddry

"Fay Wolf changed my life after only three hours in my living room.  I feel free.  The tools I've gained from Fay, to make my day-to-day life more organized, are like a little secret I want to tell everyone I know." 

Sara Isaacson

"Clutter has been the bane of my existence forever; closets full of it, piles of it throughout the apartment but Fay changed all that.  After a session with her I'm able to find things, pay bills on time and generally feel less crazy.  Fay's the best." 

- Seth Morris

"I suffer from a serious case of "put it down" disease.  That's why mail ends up on the table unopened for weeks and I keep reminding myself to step over the belt I dropped on the floor, instead of just picking it up like a normal person.  I justified the chaos and clutter in my life for a long time with this idea that I'm just an inherently disorganized person.  (After all, I'm creative, maybe tripping over piles of shoes is just part of my process.)  I know now that that kind of thinking is truly insane.  Fay doesn't change who you are, but she helps introduce systems into your life that make the flow of clutter and stuff more manageable.  She has helped me with everything from weeding through my clothes (she has a great sense of style, so that helps), to sorting and packing when we moved into a new house.  In our new place, she was invaluable in planning closets that actually functioned and helping us lay out rooms and storage.  She is amazing at her job -- not to mention really fun to be around." 

Sian Heder

"Fay is dynamic and engaging and full of life in her approach to simplifying spaces in the home, in the head and in the heart... and she has a unique way of leading her clients to the realization that they can't really effectively clear out one without addressing the others." 

Zachary Quinto

W O R K S H O P   P A R T I C I P A N T S


"In a little over a week after the workshop, I finally finished putting together my portfolio.  It just goes to show you how a little inspiration and empowerment can get the proverbial 'ball' rolling. 

Heidi von Mulldorfer

"Fay is special because she can motivate without blowing smoke up your ass. She's a straight shooter who will open your eyes to accountability, initiative, and time management.  After the session, I wasn't home an hour before I found myself reorganizing my closet and detailing my floor boards. Honestly."

- Jesse Thomas

"So engaging.  And I love being accountable to take some action." 

Danielle Thorpe

"Fay dialed me back in to what's important and reminded me how to prioritize my life.  You think you're having a normal conversation, but when it's all over, she's turned you into a warrior of the heart." 

Matt Gould

"Fay's workshop is Real & Awesome.  And really awesome."  

Ben Gould

"Organized, Playful, & Comforting." 

Courtney Orsinelli

C R E A T I V E   C O A C H I N G


"Fay is like your kick-in-the-ass-giver-when-necessary partner-in-crime. Through her encouragement, my productivity and general life enjoyment levels are on the rise. Ideas and plans that were firmly in the "one-day-maybe-I-will-be-able-to-do-this" category are now actually taking flight---the big ones being self-publishing one book and starting on my next one.  Surprisingly, she's also been teaching me the benefit of having fun and of not working so hard all the time.  Sometimes it's best to sit back, pat myself on the back for all the stuff I have accomplished and go to a movie.  From just a few phone calls, I'm doing so much more experimenting with life.  And it feels joyful." 

- Charly Simpson

"Fay Wolf's gift is not just her razor-sharp insight, but the economy and empathy of her delivery.  She's not telling you what to do, or coaching you into certain decisions - she's clearing away the brush so you can find the path." 

- Shana Reade

"In even just a short time of working with Fay, my life is more inspired, more of purpose, than I can really ever remember.  She has ignited an ambition, awakened a drive, encouraged a spirit in me that had previously felt lost.  She has helped me to translate my goals, and to identify the steps in between, that had often eluded me.  The results have been tremendous and continue to surprise me.  I am so truly and deeply grateful."

- Angela Rubino

"Connecting and working with Fay has been an absolutely amazing experience. Before we started coaching, I was feeling overwhelmed creatively. Now I feel more focused and determined to enjoy every step of my creative process. Fay helped me discover my personal road map to living and enjoying the moment, and my journey's getting clearer every day. This has been an invaluable investment in self and I recommend Fay whole-heartedly." 

- Joe Landry

"Fay helps you think big about what's possible, get clear on what you actually want, and then strap on the balls to actually do something about it.  The woman's got soul.  And she knows how to use it.

- Jenn Harris

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