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    Can a decluttered space fuel a creative mind? Heck yes, says organizing expert Fay Wolf, who has helped everyone from Hollywood celebrities and schoolteachers to visual artists and work-from-home parents achieve a simpler, more fulfilling life. Learn how to:

    create productive to-do lists • stem the flood of paper • downsize digital clutter and social media • arrange your space to spark creative juices • curb your desire to accumulate • collaborate and connect with others for support • embrace imperfection • keep up the momentum

    Wolf also shares her favorite productivity apps and resources for donating your many, many items. From the outer clutter of your home to the inner clutter of your chatty mind, this handbook will help you make room for artistic inspiration and invite you to treat yourself to less.

    ¡Un Nuevo Orden está aquí!

    Feliz de anunciar a mis amigos de habla hispana que "Un Nuevo Orden: Espacios Ordenados, Menges Creativas y Felices" está disponible desde oberon libros.

    Un Nuevo Orden was released on January 24, 2019 and can be purchased Right Here.

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