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Hi, I’m Fay and I like to shake up old beliefs about clutter and organization.

For thirteen years, I've helped folks declutter their lives, access creativity, and feel better about being adults. The best way to dig in is to add yourself to my email list. It’s action-packed and free…


    We do things a little differently around here...

    This isn't about getting it right all the time or the perfect "after" photo. It’s about getting rid of the things that weigh you down (be it inner clutter, outer clutter, or digital clutter) and making it easier to do what you wanna do and make what you wanna make. 

    Oh, and screw perfection. A little better is a little better.

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    New Order seriously changed my life.”Emily Deschanel, Actor/Director/Producer, Bones

    “Wolf is a rare talent. Part therapist, part creative thinker, and part best friend, she’s the right messenger to heal a whole new generation’s organizational woes.”Maxwell Ryan, Founder & CEO, Apartment Therapy

    "Fay has been a great ally in helping me get my shit together."James Valentine, Lead Guitarist, Maroon 5

    "My life can essentially be divided into two periods: Pre-Fay and Post-Fay."Josh Radnor, Writer/Director/Actor, Liberal Arts

    “Fay Wolf is some kind of superhero.”Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Actor, Modern Family

    "Fay is dynamic and engaging and full of life in her approach to simplifying spaces in the home, in the head, and in the heart."Zachary Quinto, Actor/Producer, Star Trek, American Horror Story


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