Try something new, why dontcha...

One of the reasons I write about decluttering and creativity is because they’re intrinsically connected — but not just because a decluttered space (and brain and task list) has the power to move us hugely forward in our creative lives. They are both also part of a much longer list of 'Shit We Have Trouble Doing'.

But it’s not the actual thing that is hard to do or accomplish. It’s not tough to open up a drawer and make choices about items we know we don’t need, and then take them out of said drawer and bring them to a donation center. And it's easy to find a piece of paper, grab a colored marker and start drawing just for fun. Instead what stands in our way is the usual hodgepodge of inner clutter (overwhelm, fear, stress, excuses, fatigue) + cluttered schedules and a hundred other things. The actual action steps, however, are not difficult to perform in and of themselves.

So it's occurred to me that one of the ways to invite action into any scenario of 'Thing I Wish I Were Doing’ is to frame it like so: Today I’m going to give myself permission to try something new. As simple a directive as that.

Why am I going to try something new?

...Because the idea of 'trying something new' is inherently lighter and a lot easier to move through than the idea of 'solving all my clutter problems.' Right?

...Because I’m not fully satisfied with the old ways.

...And because I’m an adult, goshdarnit. I may think I’m supposed to be doing A, B, C. But says who?? Today…it’s X, Y, and Z for me!

My goodness, this permission thing is such a constant practice in adulthood. (I had to give myself permission to write this very newsletter this morning!) The reminder that we don't have to look outside ourselves to be told we're allowed. And being allowed also means that you can do it your way. That you can do it imperfectly and still get waves of joy from it.

Whether it's the first steps of decluttering, or five minutes with a colored marker, or finally getting over to the neighborhood pool you’ve known has existed for 8 years and you've never visited (guilty)… say OK to the newness of what’s out there. I’m pretty sure what you'll find as a result is something that feels a lot like glee and looks a lot like freedom.

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    Fay Wolf