2019 is here and I only care about two things.

For 2019, I offer no spreadsheets on how to expertly plan out your New Year's goals and no step-by-step instruction manuals on how to get "it all" done. Nope.

For this coming year, I've got a counter offer:

1. Identify which goals and tasks you can let go of.
2. Then Rest.

Yup. It's gonna be The Year of As Little As Possible!

Overworking ourselves seems to be in fashion, year after year. Not that "achieving goals" equals overworking. But I, for one, took on too many projects in 2018 (some of which were incredibly positive, even)...and I'm left a bit worn out. So the idea of doing more to achieve more feels like a No for me right now...especially when I crave Peace and Quiet just as much as I crave the fruition of all my hopes and dreams. (What a rub!)

Alas, there must be more of a balance. And hey—Rest is doing something, too. It's so very hard for us perfectionists (recovering or current) and for us creative folks (with a million ideas always rumbling around) to actually slow down and believe that stillness is productive. Stillness is healthy. Saying No is heavenly.

My 2019 mantras:

Do less.
Care less. (About what people think.)
Go (even) slower.

If all we do on any given day of 2019 is be nice to other people, be nice to ourselves (ie. don’t beat ourselves up for what we're not doing or accomplishing), and rest a little…well, I say that’s a successful day.

And of course, let’s do some things. It’s not time to go completely off the grid—yet. But maybe we can stay mindful of which things energize us and which things deplete us. And of how much is simply too much.

Enjoy your new year. And truly: Peace.


    Fay Wolf