Let’s Work Together.


Lookin’ to get decluttered—while learning how to keep the practice going? Great, cuz we’re going for lasting change here.

In-home projects with New Order last a minimum of four months.

Our work begins with a walk-through of your entire home and/or workspace. I’ll open nearly every drawer and cabinet and start asking questions about how you operate. I search for ways for your entire space to work in harmony—while teaching you to start noticing those ways yourself.

Then we sit down for our first coaching session. Yup, it might feel like you’re on the therapist’s couch. In order to create real change, we’re gonna need to dig in to some of the issues that got you here in the first place. Staring that hard stuff in the face is the only way we can ensure that you make new choices and take clear, conscious actions in the future.

New Order guides you through Inner and Outer Clutter.

Together we’ll co-create a plan for the new, less cluttered life that makes the most sense for you. From physical clutter, to digital clutter, to task lists + responsibility overwhelm, to creative clutter and any blocks to your peak creativity, we’ll design a personalized roadmap for your decluttering freedom. And I’ll be there to support you every step of the way.

I’ll come to your house, your inbox, your video chat, and more.

Over the course of four months, we’ll have a combination of in-person / side-by-side decluttering sessions, as well as coaching via voice, email, and video. For any questions that come up along the way, I’ll be able to respond to you within 24 hours (if not sooner). It’s like having your own personal decluttering pro on staff. This isn’t just ‘come organize my closet’. This is a lifestyle change. This is feeling better.


All work is private, confidential, and judgement-free.

In-home projects in Los Angeles start at $7,500. My client load is currently full through 2020, but if you’d like to join the waitlist, please click here. Thank you.