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Copy of 2016 home - ACTIVE

I help creative folks get good at decluttering + productivity.


Copy of 2016 home - ACTIVE

I help creative folks get good at decluttering + productivity.

Hiya. I help creative folks get good at decluttering + productivity.

New Order seriously changed my life.”Emily Deschanel, Actor/Producer, Bones

Wolf is a rare talent. Part therapist, part creative thinker, and part best friend, she’s the right messenger to heal a whole new generation’s organizational woes.”Maxwell Ryan, Founder & CEO, Apartment Therapy

"Fay has been a great ally in helping me get my shit together."James Valentine, Lead Guitarist, Maroon 5

"My life can essentially be divided into two periods: Pre-Fay and Post-Fay."Josh Radnor, Writer/Director/Actor, Liberal Arts

“Fay Wolf is some kind of superhero.”Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Actor, Modern Family

"Fay is dynamic and engaging and full of life in her approach to simplifying spaces in the home, in the head, and in the heart."Zachary Quinto, Actor/Producer, Star Trek, Margin Call

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Pacific Home Test

Pacific Home Test




Easy hacks for real humans.

Easy Hacks For The Rest Of Us.

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Free Things

Free Things


Here you'll find videos, cheat sheets, sad songs, and articles fit for a king.  (Just kidding -- they're for people like you and me. ...Although, to be fair, some kings need help with decluttering too.)  ...Have at it.

Cheat Sheets.


Here's a handful of past writings. Hope they make you feel things.

Try something new, why dontcha...
One of the reasons I write about decluttering and creativity is because they’re intrinsically connected — but not just because a decluttered space (and brain and task list) has the power to move us hugely forward in our creative lives. They are both also part of a much longer list of 'Shit We Have Trouble Doing'...

How To Be A Storage Weirdo
Calling all weirdos... Secret: There's no "right place" to store anything. Okay... I'm not advising you store, say, yogurt in the bathroom. Because gross. But beyond temperature requirements, you can pretty much do anything you want...

Decluttering Your Money (Or, How I Decluttered Mine).
It’s taken me hundreds--if not thousands--of false starts, budgeting attempts, app tryouts, and internal battles to finally feel like I have control of my dollar bills. So I wanted to share with you the three things that, since last fall, have completely altered my financial life for the way better...

Your own personal science projects.
What I’ve realized this year is that the word ‘resolution' itself doesn’t imply much more than, well, resolving to do a thing — which is basically just a thought, an idea, an intention. And look: intentions are a greeaaat first step. But resolutions don’t also imply action—which is what must come next. So I’m jumping to step two this year and calling them New Year’s Experiments. Why? Because experiments need to be run... 

Uncertainty (+ ways to feel better).
It's one of the only things we can count on in this life.  At the end of the day, that's a good thing. If we always knew the ending of the story, it'd be a lot less fun to play the game. But uncertainty can also make us uneasy, anxious, or downright terrified -- about work, money, relationships, health, legal matters, presidential elections...or all that clutter staring us in the face, day in and day out. Spoiler alert: the clutter isn’t helping...

Slowwwwwww Dowwwwwwwn.
I work a lot. A lot a lot. I’m the one in the group of friends who always has the “Can't, I’m working!” excuse. And hey — sometimes that is completely valid. (That book baby I just birthed didn’t write itself!) But if this is my answer more than 90% of the time, something needs to change...

Actually, I'm NOT sorry for the delay? 
Scenario: I receive an email at 8am from an acquaintance / business contact who I haven’t connected with in at least a year. They’re writing to ask if I’d be interested in collaborating on a non-time-sensitive project. I reply to this email at 10am the following day and my email begins with “Sorry for the delay...” Why on earth have I just apologized??...

The saddest jar of tiny pickles.
There once was a jar of tiny pickles. Unopened and unexpired, they lived in my fridge. For months. They were bought by accident and not a type I happened to enjoy. So…the dilemma began. I thought, ‘Hey, I’ll eat them anyway. Like a GOOD PERSON.’ But every time I opened the fridge, I’d see the sad jar... 

How Not To Prove You’re Cool.
...And while I could have satisfied myself with the 10-second search, I instead partook in a 20-minute black hole time suck, littered with bad intentions. You see, I quickly decided that the only way I could proudly wear the vintage tee and not be a complete fraud was to OWN and BE REALLY FAMILIAR WITH the original book. My “buy-something-to-prove-I’m-cool” switch turned on, and I was off to the races...

Article list format stolen from Paul Jarvis [link], whose newsletter I highly recommend.

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At first I thought it'd be a little weird to give away my music on this page. Until I remembered that merging decluttering and creativity is what New Order is all about. (Duh, Fay.) Plus it's my website, and I can do whatever I want. So here are 8 free tunes for you. Because life's too short not to share. (P.S. If you'd like to sign up for music news, hop over to here, thanks.)


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